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   I hope that someone will
  make Winamp ver 2.x skins
  for Blues On Air. 

   You want to know what
  time in Korea?  

     Always nice to meet listeners

     Please remember!  Sometimes I don't read your e-mail because it looks like
     a spam(junk) mail. If you attach a file, I don't even open your e-mail because
     I always treat it as a virus.

          E-MAIL Address: 


     Waiting for promos

     Do you play the blues and want to make people listen to your songs? Do you
     work for blues record companies and need to promote new albums? Send me
     CDs,  then I'll add some nice tracks of them into my playlist. You pay nothing
     because Blues On Air is a non-profit radio. ( I don't accept mp3 files. )

     Home Address

     Suh, Jung-Wook (It's my real name. I'm called "Woogie" as a nickname here.)
     Dechi apartment 219-807
    (since Jan 30. 2008)
     Kangnamgu Gepodong
     Seoul, Korea

     Zip code: 135-544

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