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     What is the money problem to solve?

     Blues On Air is a world-wide radio.
     That's the point.
     It's a dilemma.


     Blues On Air started broadcasting in 02/22/2002.
     Blues On Air had been supported by KiRi from 06/09/2002 to 02/16/2004.
     KiRi is a company from Korea and I'm not related to it.

     KiRi had been giving the broadcasting server for free.
     I appreciate it and the listeners should, too.
     Nobody paid for the broadcasting server.
     It's been a kind of habitual and public thing of the internet in Korea.
     Of course, it's involved with the effectiveness of advertising.

     Things were getting worse and worse.
     Business in Korea is falling off.
     In addition, KiRi is becoming a kind of game company although it was No.1
     webcasting company in Korea.
     Nobody thinks that KiRi is interested in webcasting anymore.
     So, KiRi is under pressure of keeping the broadcasting server.

     No broadcasting server means no broadcasting.
     So, I decided to find a way to be independent.

     I've been using new broadcasting server since 02/17/2004.
     KiRi has nothing to do with Blues On Air anymore.
     Now, somebody should pay for the broadcasting server fee every 6 month.

     Blues On Air is just my hobby.
     There's no reason that I should pay for the fee to keep Blues On Air.
     So, I have to find a sponsor which pays for the fee.

     I believe that radio listeners shouldn't pay money.
     The radio owner shouldn't pay money either.
     Generally, radio is supported by advertisements.
     The problem is how I can attract advertisements for world-wide listeners.
     I don't mean that I want to make money.
     I need money to keep Blues On Air.

     The listeners of Blues On Air live in their own countries.
     They speak different languages.
     What kinds of business suit these people?
     Probably, music business is the one.
     Music has no frontier.
     One day, I sent e-mails to blues records in USA.
     Those weren't about ads. Those were about promos.
     I've got only 2 reply-mails, and both were negative responses.
     Some of the e-mails that I sent even cut off because they looked like spam mails
     or virus. Actually, they were spam mails.
     Nevertheless, I've been sending e-mails to a variety of companies in USA because
     it's the only way to contact with them.
     I can't visit them. I can't call them.

     Many listeners say, "Keep up the good work."
     I can't promise anymore.

     Basically, I don't want a donation.
     Unfortunately, I need a donation until I find a sponsor.

     Please let me know if you have a good idea.

     When you click the "Listen" button

     I think some people don't know how to listen to Blues On Air.
     Now..you already got Winamp(or Real Player) on your computer.
     Upon clicking the "Listen" button on this website, the following window will apear.

     Make sure that "Open this file from its current location" option is selected
     and press OK.

     If you are an iTunes user

     1. Run iTunes.
     2. Click on the "Advanced" and choose "Open stream."

     3. Type in the dialogue box. "http://bluesonair.com/bluesonair.pls"
     4. Go to "Library" and you'll see Blues On Air. Click on it to listen.

     If you want to listen by Windows Media Player

     Here you are.
     Click here and listen. 

     About the products, T-shirts, Mousepad, Mug etc.

     Good news for the listeners of Blues On Air.

     Now, I can sell abroad T-shirts, Baseball cap, Mug cup, Mousepad etc.
     The listeners from all over the world can buy those products.


     That's my shop.
     Thanks to CafePress.com , I open my own shop in the internet.
     CafePress.com takes care of everything.
     manufacturing, shipping, managing and so on.

     Please remember.
     I don't think I can make big money by this shop.
     I open this shop because some listeners from abroad want to have T-shirts.

     This shop can't solve the broadcasting server fee problem.
     It's a little helpful though.
     I still have to find a sponsor, and I still need donations.
     Please buy the products only when you want to have them.
     I'd like to let you know that buying the products is not so helpful to keep Blues
     On Air.

     One of the listeners, Nicholas informed me of CafePress.com .
     Thank you, Nicholas. I appreciate it. :-)

     If you want to buy a baseball cap, please choose a white one.
     Do not choose Khaki/Grey color.
     I don't think the image prints well on Khaki/Grey color.

     The message-board has gone.

     I'm getting busy, so I can't afford to take care of the board.
     Unfortunately, the board has gone.
     Maybe someday I hope that I'll be able to get the board back.

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